Educ 301 reflection

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EDUC Module 6 Lesson Plan and Reflection. Preparation. What did you do before you taught your lesson to make sure your lesson would be effective and run smoothly?.


Set. Describe your “set” (the way you opened your lesson). How did you begin your lesson in order to gain student interest? Master of Education ( in Curriculum and Instruction (30 credits) Contact: DeBorah Carr, Ed.D., Program Director ()ext. E-mail: [email protected] Graduate courses may be taken to fulfill the requirements for the degree program or they may be taken individually for personal or professional enrichment. Liberty University Instr Pract for Math Teachers EDUC - Fall EDUC - Spring 1 pages. EDUC DB Liberty University Inst Pract for Reading Teachers. Much of what is formally taught in medicine is about the knowledge, skills, and behaviors required of a physician, including how to express compassion and respect for patients at the bedside.

EDUC Reflection. Topics: Education, Module What are your roles, responsibilities and relationships of a Social purpose educator in your chosen teaching context? Explain the teaching role and responsibilities in education and training.

I teach as a hair and makeup artistry to my students. LeADERS is a new experience for ODU undergraduate that prepares them for careers, graduate school, and life-long learning through hands-on learning experiences.

Educ 301 reflection
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