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The greatest Canadian

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Pete McMartin: Before Greatest Canadian vote, Tommy Douglas had darker past

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The Ordinary Political

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A several operations, Douglas's leg was saved. Regains could vote either on-line, by phone or by taking message. Jan 10,  · I think the “Greatest Canadian” is all about perspective I mean you cant really compare Tommy Douglas vs. Don Cherry vs. Wayne Gretzky vs. Terry Fox vs. Alexander Graham Bell they are all famous for different reasons.

The Ordinary Political

Aug 12,  · This video presents the story of Tommy Douglas, the "father" of the modern Canadian health care system. Ina CBC Television program named Tommy Douglas "The Greatest Canadian", based on a Canada-wide, viewer-supported survey.

Contents. Early life. Tommy Clement Douglas was born in in Camelon, Falkirk, Scotland, the son of Annie (née Clement) and Thomas Douglas, an iron moulder who fought in the Boer mater: Brandon University, McMaster University, University of Chicago.

Tommy Douglas is the greatest Canadian due to the fact he achieved Medicare, became the first national leader of the NDP and fought for social programs even in the presence of strong oppositions.

Tommy Douglas learnt from the experience of his sickness the importance of doctors. Tommy Douglas and the Universal Health Care System - Tommy Douglas was a Canadian social- democratic politician, who became the premier of Saskatchewan in Tommy Douglas is the greatest Canadian because he introduced many amazing ideas and he also passed many laws that are very beneficial to Canadians.

He also introduced many Rights And Went down in history known as "The Father of Medicare".

Greatest canadian tommy douglas essay
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